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Slicing Clouds to Take Over Free Business Seats When Flying with Air France

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Air France has recently launched new cabins in Asia; it is engaging and rather creative how the company has managed to draw public attention to its new feature, using its own mobile app service.

The mobile game application, called ‘Cloud Slicer’ which is available both in iOS and Android Market, was developed and launched by Air France. This is a simple and easy game to learn and play quickly, asking users to slice as many clouds as possible – but not the moon – in order that they can have high scores and ranks from competitions with other users. It allows passengers at airports to kill time while they wait for boarding, and it is a fun creation by an airline company for its customers as part of the service.


Air France has taken one more step from this general intention, the creation of fun engagement, by a promotional event being embedded with its existing app service. From 19th January to 28th February this year, ‘the top scorers of specific flights departing from China, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and Indonesia will have a chance to win an upgrade to Business Class on their Air France flight’. It is not the first time when Air France ran the app promotion, as the same campaign format was used in October and November last year for the flights between Singapore – France and Japan – France. This shows that the application can be used regularly for the firm’s campaigns as a promotional tool, which is efficient and effective. Since the app has existed already, the company does not have to spend extra budget for new promotion events. Customers flying with Air France on certain routes where the firm launches new service features can also enjoy small but playful treats to win the chance of receiving premium benefits, such as upgrading their seats to the business class for free in this case.

Under the more and more competitive surroundings in the airline service industry, the idea of the mobile game app seems to be a novel approach Air France has adopted in order to place itself as close as possible to its customers, trying to make their journey more fun and enjoyable with the company.

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