Oh My GREAT Britain for 2016

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On 14th January 2016, VisitBritain launched globally a new multi-platform campaign for this year: GREAT Britain – ‘Home of Amazing Moments’.

It bases on the characteristics of social media – sharing, cool posts going viral, and hashtags. As the name of the campaign explains, it is designed to encourage visitors to the UK to post and share their unique experiences in photos and videos on their social media, with a hashtag ‘#OMGB’, meaning ‘Oh My GREAT Britain’.



#OMGB Promotion Post on VisitBritain’s Instagram <Image Source: Instagram @lovegreatbritain>

The rationale behind it comes from a survey that a lot of people on holiday use social media and an effort to incorporate a variety of social platforms for VisitBritain’s marketing. The campaign also contains a purpose to increase the awareness of the natural landscape of the UK, since it is said to be less likely thought of, compared to culture and historic heritage (see the first link below on Relevant Articles for full information).

As of 9th February 7 p.m., there are 4,862 tweets for #omgb on Twitter from the launch date according to Hashtracking, and 2,937 posts on Instagram including (irrelevant) posts before the launch according to Instagram hashtag search.  It is intriguing to see how this campaign will develop and what the result of the campaign will be by the end of the year.



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