Affiliate Disclosure

Last updated 8 June 2022

This Affiliate Disclosure page serves the purpose of letting you know that my blog, Sehee in the World, participates in affiliate marketing.

What this means

It means that if I recommended a product/service, an activity or a hotel on my blog posts or pages at Sehee in the World, I might receive a very small percentage of commission – if you click on an affiliate link and end up buying or booking from the linkPlease note that this is done at no additional cost to you. The price of any product/service, activity or hotel that you purchase after clicking affiliate links would be the same as what you would normally search and find through the said e-commerce platform(s). The seller who runs an affiliate programme pays the affiliate commission, not you, the buyer.

Why I participate in affiliate programmes

Simply put, I participate in affiliate programmes with the hope to cover some of the costs associated with running Sehee in the World, such as domain name renewals and hosting fees. As all the content on my blog is free to read, your support in this way can also help me invest in producing the best content that I can, alongside kindly bearing with Google AdSense display advertisements (which, one day, I hope to be able to remove to make my content look neater!)

My promise to you

I will always recommend products/services, activities or hotels that I have personally tried and was happy about, or have been recommended to me by those directly around me. I might recommend an alternative product/service, activity or hotel if the exact one is not available online; In this case, I will make a note so it is clear. I will only recommend something that I have carefully researched, and will take note of reviews.

You’ll also see a button(s) that says “Affiliate Links” on the post or page where any affiliate link is included.

List of affiliate programme partners that I participate in

The affiliates/promotional partners whose affiliate programmes I participate in are as follows:


If you have any further questions about this, please feel free to contact me.