3 Best Places for Mango Smoothies & Desserts in Thailand

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As you could tell from my previous post about 5 things to do in Bangkok, having mango in a variety of forms was one of the greatest pleasures I had during my trip to Thailand. I loved the scrumptious experiences so much that I’ve decided to share with you the mango stores I visited in Thailand! Discover with me the best places for mango smoothies and mango sticky rice in Bangkok, Ayutthaya and Phuket.

Bangkok: Mango Tango

Mango Tango is apparently a go-to place and a hot spot in Bangkok for everyone who loves to try mango drinks and desserts. There are 2 branches in Bangkok, one in Siam Square and the other one in Asiatique. Mango Tango offers a truly wide range of mango dishes, meaning you might want to revisit the store multiple times like I did… I went there twice with 1~2 friends, and got to try different mango dishes and drinks. These are a few examples you can go for from the menu.

mango tango siam square_mango desserts - Sehee in the World
mango tango siam square - mango smoothie - Sehee in the World

Mango Tango Siam Square Branch

  • Opening Hours: Everyday 12pm~10pm

Mango Tango Asiatique Branch

  • Opening Hours: Everyday 3pm~11pm

Ayutthaya: Mango House

Mango House was a life saver when my friend and I went to Ayutthaya as a day trip. That day was sticky hot and full of haze all day long. Although I had some breeze from cycling as we rent a bike, it wasn’t cool enough to get through the day. At this point, we encountered this mango shop at the other end of the junction near Wat Mahathat, and we couldn’t help but pedal the bike. Oh dear, those mango smoothies with the air conditioner inside the store were so refreshing! The good flavour of the mango smoothies was needless to say, and it was just the perfect solution to continue sightseeing. I didn’t take the photo of the shop unfortunately having been indulging in the smoothie, but Mango House gave me some photos reading this post! (I’ve edited here to add them below). What’s amazing is the owner of the shop turned out a cousin of my friend’s from uni in the UK, which I had no clue about at all back then! What a small crazy world it is…. 🙂

mango house ayutthaya - mango smoothie - Sehee in the World
Photo courtesy of Mango House
mango house ayutthaya - Sehee in the World
Photo courtesy of Mango House

Mango House

  • Opening Hours: Everyday 7:30am~5:30pm

Phuket: Absolute Mango Café

If you are planning to go to Phuket for your beach holiday and stay in Karon, definitely try here. Found this from googling when we were peckish, and the mango smoothies and mango sticky rice worked as brilliant appetizers! The staff was very kind and friendly as well, and the shop is neatly decorated. You may find Absolute Mango Café‘s mango sticky rice bit expensive compared to other restaurants, which I agree. But the portion, the quality and the whole experience were so great that I happily became a repeat customer. Mango smoothie with a scoop of ice cream topped was also refreshing. 🙂

absolute mango cafe in karon beach, Phuket - Sehee in the World
absolute mango - mango smoothie with ice cream - Sehee in the World
absolute mango - mango sticky rice - Sehee in the World

Absolute Mango Café

  • Opening Hours: 10:30am~10pm (may close early depending on how busy it gets)

There must be other shops, cafes, restaurants and street stalls that serve good flavoured mango smoothies and other desserts. But I am also quite certain the stores I’ve shared can guarantee the quality, so reach out and try them! :^) If you think there are some mango places I missed that you know are super good, please do comment below!

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3 Best Places for Mango Smoothies & Desserts in Thailand - Sehee in the World

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