Cornwall Calls You for Summer Holiday_Sehee in the World

Cornwall Calls You for Summer Holiday

The lovely memories in Cornwall remain still, even though it has been 3 years since the summer holiday. As a big fan of the movie About Time, I had wished to see the beautiful scenes in the movie in real life. As summer is approaching, recalling my best summer holiday I would like to show you some of the best destinations in Cornwall.

St. Austell (Charlestown Harbour)

Charlestown Harbour, St. Austell, Cornwall_Sehee in the World

The water is crystal clear at Charlestown Harbour, so clear that you cannot resist a temptation to dip your feet into the water. ๐Ÿ™‚ Charlestown Harbour is not very far from Tim’s family’s house in the movie About Time. You can actually stay at Porthpean House, as it is beloved for holidays and house parties. The whole house accommodates up to 21 people and seems to cost minimum ยฃ2,400. (website: I wish I can have a go!)


Portloe, Cornwall, About Time wedding scene_Sehee in the World

Tim and Mary’s wedding is one of the most memorable scenes in the movie because of the sudden downpour. That impressive scene was filmed here in Portloe, a small village in Cornwall. It was rather tricky to access this tiny fishing village without a car. Getting off a bus as close to the village as possible, I remember we walked ages until seeing the view above.  There was a bus stop in the village, but it seemed to have stopped/about to stop due to low traffic.

Portloe, Cornwall, About Time wedding scene_Sehee in the World

By the white house on the hill on the photo above, the filming crews sprayed water with a hose to create the rainy wedding scene. For being such a small village, it didn’t take long to stroll and look around. Its lovely landscape, though, is never forgotten till now and I wish to visit again if I have a chance. As said earlier, sightseeing here will be much easier with a car.

Gorran Haven

Gorran Haven, Cornwall, About Time ending scene_Sehee in the World
Gorran Haven, Cornwall, About Time ending scene_Sehee in the World

Among every single impressive scene in About Time where Cornwall was presented, this is THE place where I longed for a visit. Do you remember when Tim and his father together time travelled into the past for the last time? Tim as a small kid had a stroll along the beach with his father in his young age. Since this beach is not a famous touristic beach, it was very quiet and the water colour was incredible.

St. Ives

St.Ives in Cornwall, summer surfing holiday_Sehee in the World
St.Ives in Cornwall, summer surfing holiday_Sehee in the World

St. Ives is famous for surfing and summer getaway. Unlike Gorran Haven, St. Ives really attracts a lot of holidaymakers. I went surfing here for the first time in my life, and the waves were moderate enough for me as a beginner to enjoy.

Pasty shop in St.Ives, Cornwall, summer surfing holiday_Sehee in the World

When you visit Cornwall, don’t forget to have a pasty (or pasties)! Pasties became common in the 17th, 18th centuries from Cornwall when Cornish miners and farmers had them for meals. After surfing when you feel peckish pasties come handy as they are simple but tasty, and reasonable in price. I also recommend ice-cream shops on the main busy street.


St Michael's Mount in Marazion during low tide,Cornwall_Sehee in the World
St Michael's Mount in Marazion, high tide, Cornwall_Sehee in the World

Cornwall also has a British version of Mont-Saint-Michel, and here they call it St Michael’s Mount. You can reach St. Michael’s Mount on foot at low tide and by boat at other times. Colonel John St. Aubyn bought this mount including the castle in 1659, and since then decedents of the St. Aubyn’s have been living here. The family had donated St. Michael’s Mount to National Trust, meaning it is actually National Trust’s properties. When they had donated, though, the contract was that the St. Aubyn families would rent the castle for 999 years and receive a permit to run a business as a visitor attraction.

Getting to Cornwall

Because of its location as well as the geographic shape of the UK, travelling to Cornwall can be quite complicated and time-consuming. Getting a flight to Newquay and heading to Cornwall is an option. But I personally wanted to minimise the need to take flights in the same country, so I used National Express and trains. But, Cornwall has beautiful scenery with lovely beaches, which is worth the effort and time! If you are considering a summer holiday to/in the UK or a huge fan of About Time, don’t miss out Cornwall. ๐Ÿ™‚

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