7 Virtual Tours in England #TravelFromHome Series

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Although the current COVID-19 situation has made us stay home, it doesn’t mean we cannot travel at all… As a matter of fact, you can take the lockdown as an opportunity to learn about some of the most-visited places in the UK. Thanks to the digital world, you can have virtual sneak peaks of some attractions, before visiting in person when you can! With my #TravelFromHome mini series, where I previously covered virtual tours in London, let me take you to England today!


Stonehenge is one of the most famous of the 400+ historic sites English Heritage owns, which is also a top day trip destination from London. Though you can’t visit Stonehenge now due to COVID-19, English Heritage provides a few ways to virtually explore it:

360-degree View of Stonehenge Video

This 3-minute YouTube video guides you through the inside and the outside Stonehenge in detail. Since it was filmed in 360 degrees, you can literally browse spots up and down, and left and right as you listen to the explanation.

360-degree View of the Inner Circle of Stonehenge

You can read descriptions or watch YouTube videos about each stone, clicking flashing circle buttons on the interactive screen.

Screenshot of 360-degree virtual tour website of Stonehenge
(Image source:

Stonehenge Skyscape (Live View)

For those who want to see Stonehenge live, rather than pre-made materials, visit this website called Stonehenge Skyscape. Here, you can not only look up at the sky live in the UK but also from the centre of the stone circles. The live observation is a distinguishing feature from the above offerings. On this website, click ‘Skyscape’ to make the lines of the sun, the moon and other planets visible. For more information on each stone, click ‘More…’ which appears when you click the ‘Tour’ button.

Screenshot of Stonehenge Skyscape - Live View of Stonehenge
(Image source:

York Minster

Whenever I write about England trips, recommending multiple destinations, I always mention York as my favourite city. York Minster is one of York’s iconic landmarks, which you can see virtually inside and outside respectively.

Outside of York Minster - Sehee in the World

Chatsworth House

Chatsworth House gets a lot of visitors from both in and outside the UK since the movie <Pride and Prejudice> (2005) was filmed here. On this website, you can take a look at various garden areas of Chatsworth House with 360-degree panoramic views.

Chatsworth House garden 360-degree panoramic view virtual tour screenshot
(Image source:

St Ives Beach

360-degree panoramic views also let you see the seascape of the beach in St. Ives in Cornwall, a popular summer getaway spot for British and Northern European tourists. Since the location to capture a 360-degree view of the beach was a single fixed spot at the port, you can’t feel as if you are (virtually) sunbathing on the beach; but if you have wondered what the Cornish seaside town and its coastline look like, it’s worth a look. Click here to access the link.

St Ives Beach 360-degree panoramic view screenshot
(Image source:

Hadrian’s Wall

Alongside Stonehenge, Hadrian’s Wall is also one of English Heritage’s portfolios that attracts many tourists. The most impressive fact about Hadrian’s Wall is that it’s the largest relic the Romans had built in Britain, on the northernmost frontier of the Roman Empire. From the video below, you can join a short, but informative, virtual guide to Hadrian’s Wall in a 360-degree panoramic view.

Canterbury Cathedral

You can’t talk about British history without Canterbury, for Canterbury Cathedral is the heart of the Church of England. Here, check out various spots in the cathedral in 360-degree panoramic views. Simply click a button on each spot on the floor plan image.

Canterbury Cathedral virtual tours - floor plan screenshot
(Image source:

The Roman Baths

The Roman Baths at Night - Sehee in the World

As much as I love York, Bath is another amazing destination I recommend that you can visit from London. The Roman Baths is by far the No. 1 attraction in Bath, which you can enjoy from home for now.


The Street View on Google Maps offers an opportunity to virtually browse ‘inside’ the Roman Baths across all floors. To move between floors, click the ‘1’, ‘2’ or ‘3’ above the compass.

Virtual Tours with a 3D Model

On this page, you can even see layouts of the Roman Baths and the Pump Room like a doll’s house. The 3D look gives you a similar experience to the Street View when you click areas you are interested to watch. The Measurement Mode is a unique feature of this virtual tour. Using this function, you can calculate the size of any part of your choice inside the building.

Screenshot of the 3d virtual tours - floor plan of the Pump Room in Bath
(Image source:

Until the time comes when we can freely travel, I hope these virtual tours keep you inspired for your future holiday to England. Stay home and #TravelFromHome!

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