Although the current COVID-19 situation has made us stay home, it doesn’t mean we cannot travel at all… As a matter of fact, you can take the lockdown as an opportunity to learn about some of the most-visited places in the UK. Thanks to the digital world, you can have virtual sneak peaks of some attractions, before visiting in person when you can! With my #TravelFromHome mini series, where I previously covered virtual tours in London, let me take you to England today! Stonehenge Stonehenge is one of the most famous of the 400+ historic sites English Heritage owns, which is also a top day trip destination from London. Though you can’t visit Stonehenge now due to COVID-19, English Heritage provides a few ways to virtually explore it: 360-degree View of Stonehenge Video This 3-minute YouTube video guides you through the inside and the outside Stonehenge in detail. Since it…