Plitvice Lakes


Those who plan a getaway to Croatia will never want to miss visiting Plitvice Lakes National Park. This UNESCO World Heritage boasts of its landscape which you might imagine in fairy tales. The more photos you see of its waterfalls and the crystal-clear water, the more irresistible it gets; and you might find yourself adding it to your travel itinerary. If only it is just you and the natural heritage when you are at Plitvice Lakes National Park… Considering people may well think exactly the same, you will need to endure being swept along by other visitors especially during the peak season. Don’t get put off by it though, as you won’t regret a visit once you see the speechlessly beautiful scenery. To help you feel less intimidated by other tourists and fully enjoy the grand natural asset, I am to share some tips for planning your itinerary. These might not…