My winter Norway trip with Josh in January/February gave us several good experiences to remember for a long time. To start, we saw plenty of snow, probably a year’s worth (!), and I felt even closer to nature! Before my memory gets blurry I wanted to jot those experiences down, which may also inspire someone wondering what there is to do in Norway in winter… Husky sledding (highly recommended for a Norway winter trip!) The husky sledding experience in Tromsø was the pinnacle of our Norway winter trip. Before this tour, I’d been slightly concerned about how fast the dogs might run. There were moments indeed where I found it very speedy, but it was AMAZING… It was so exhilarating that we both commented ‘we wouldn’t say no if there were another chance’. Lucky us, as we had an incredible team of 6 dogs (Soko, Hey, Mons, Dee-Dee, Storm and…