A museum changes into a disco club!  In the previous post I shared how much I enjoyed a special event at the Natural History Museum called: ‘After-School Club for Grown-ups & Silent Disco at the Natural History Museum’. While I was busy dancing hard, the marketer bit of me managed to squeeze into my mind. Because my general impression towards museums was rather far from excitement, I started to think about how the Natural History Museum was so successful in this event. There are four success factors I have thought of as a marketer’s perspective. 1. Clear STP (Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning) Customers of the Natural History Museum  (NHM) can be categorised with various criteria, but here I divided them into two groups as follows: Kids and adults with kids; and grown-ups without kids. With the majority of exhibitions being free as well as highly educational, the NHM is certainly one of the hot places in the UK…