Welcome to my blog Sehee in the World, where you can check out where to go for your holidays and what to do in those places, as I am going to share my destinations and stories from there. Most of the time posts will be filled with my own travelogues, but occasionally extra thoughts too if I feel like sounding like a marketer in the tourism and culture industries. They won’t be too serious though; just quick light thoughts rather.

I also have a goal to expand my travels into trying out some exciting ideas and projects I come up with – I will keep you posted when they become live! In that sense, any inspiration and collaboration is always good – you are most welcome to suggest awesome ideas for me or we can even work on brilliant projects together!

I would love to make my blog where you and I can gather and chat about travels and cultures, and where we can be (virtual) friends! That is why I ask you to subscribe my blog as it allows me to reach you quickly, especially when I plan to carry out some fun events. 😉

I sincerely hope you find my travel diaries fun to read, and thanks once again to hear my stories!

August, 2016

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