Tourist Attraction


Stonehenge was a great place to spot some wildlife, as I was welcomed by a group of starlings (Sturnus vulgaris) and a pied wagtail (Motacilla alba). It was my second visit to Stonehenge, almost exactly a year ago. Although it was only the beginning of March, it felt as warm as my first trip in mid-summer. (Or rather, the summer visit was as chilly as March because of the strong wind blowing at Stonehenge!) In fact, in terms of photography, I took better photos this time thanks to more sunlight. When I first visited Stonehenge 5+ years ago, I had not spotted wildlife at all. This could be due to several reasons… too many tourists in mid-summer, a different season, or maybe more likely…. I hadn’t paid attention to wildlife at Stonehenge then. But that was an old me and we’re now talking about the ‘new’ me. The First wildlife…