Recently, my YouTube feed started to recommend a lot of videos of people trying making so-called ‘dalgona coffee’ (달고나 커피). And writing this post, I just had a cup of homemade dalgona coffee for the third time. How on earth has it become a thing in South Korea now and how did I end up trying it too? Well… we think, it’s all because of the ongoing coronavirus (Covid-19) issue… Appearance of Dalgona Coffee People are advised to follow social distancing, and self-isolate if necessary, to reduce the risk of contracting & spreading the new SARS-like virus. This means those who stick to the measures have become desperate to entertain themselves while they are home and ended up binge-watching TV and YouTube videos. And surely, one must have encountered this video from the KBS Entertain channel <신상출시 편스토랑/Stars Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant>: Here, Korean actor Jeong Il-woo tries a glass…